Reporting One-Sample T Test in SPSS

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    How to Run One Simple T Test in SPSS: Explanation Step by Step

    From the SPSS menu, choose Analyze – Compare means – One-Sample T-Test.

    One Simple T Test in SPSS

    A new window will appear. From the left box transfer variable Math Test Score to Test Variable(s). In the Test Value box, write 86.00 (true mean). Click OK.

    One Simple T test in SPSS

    The results of One sample t-test will appear in the output window.

    One Simple T Test in SPSS

    How to report a One Simple T Test results: Explanation Step by Step

    How to Report Descriptive Statistics Table in SPSS Output?

    The first table shows descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, standard error mean, and a number of observations) of our variable Math test score.

    As a result, The average value of the Math test score is 73.08 (M=73.08; SD=16.89).

    One Simple Test SPSS Output.

    How to Report One sample t-test statistics Table in SPSS Output?

    The second table shows One sample t-test statistics.

    In the first row is written population mean (test values = 86.00). We should look at the fourth column (Sig. (2-tailed)) for the significance of the t-test statistic.

    • If p > .05, we fail to reject the null hypothesis.

    In our example, p value is less than 0.05 (p = .000 < .05) so we must reject the null hypothesis and conclude that there is a statistically significant difference between the mean Math test score (M=73.08; SD=16.89) and true population mean (M=86.00).

    One Simple T Test SPSS output

    How to Interpret a One Simple T Test Results in APA Style?

    One sample t-test was conducted to determine whether there is a difference between the results on the Math test and the true population mean (M=86.00). The results indicate a significant difference between the true mean (M=86.00) and the mean Math test score (M=73.08; SD=16.89), [t(36) = -4.651, p = .000]. We, therefore, reject the null hypothesis that there is not a difference between the true mean and the comparison value and conclude that our mean Math test score is significantly different from the true population mean.

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