Reporting Factor Analysis in SPSS

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    How to Run Exploratory Factor Analysis Test in SPSS: Explanation Step by Step

    From the SPSS menu, choose to Analyze – Dimension Reduction – Factor

    EFA Step by step approach

    From the left box transfer variables happy, inspired, proud, attentive, excited, nervous, ashamed, scared, irritable, upset into Variables box.

    How to run exploratory factor analysis test in SPSS

    Click the Descriptives button, and a new window will open. In the Statistics box choose Initial Solution

    How to run exploratory factor analysis test in SPSS

    Click Extraction button. In the Method, box choose Principal components. In the Analyze box, choose Correlation matrix.

    Click the Rotation button. Choose Direct Oblimin in the Method box and Rotated solution in the Display box.

    ecide on the appropriate method and rotation (probably varimax to start with) and run the analysis.

    Click the Options button. In the Missing value box, choose Exclude cases pairwise.

    In the Coefficient Display Format box, choose Sorted by size and Suppress absolute values less than. Please write down 0.30 in the box Suppress.

    how to run exploratory factor analysis test in SPSS statistical software by using an example

    Exploratory factor analysis results will appear in the output window.

    Exploratory Factor Analysis Output Results: Explanation Step by Step

    How to Report KMO and Bartlett’s test Table in SPSS Output?

    If Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy is equal or greater than 0.60 then we should proceed with Exploratory Factor Analysis; the sample used was adequate. If Bartlett’s test of sphericity is significant (p < 0.05), we should proceed with the Exploratory Factor Analysis.

    kmo and barlett test table

    How to Report Total Variance explained Table in SPSS Output?

    The table shows the Initial Eigenvalues. We should look at only components that have Total Initial Eigenvalues greater than 1. In our case, only two components have Total Initial Eigenvalues greater than 1. Those two components explain 63.41% of the variance. Therefore, we conclude that there are two factors. But, we should also look at the Scree plot.

    Total Variance explained output

    How to Report Scree Plot in SPSS Output?

    Scree plot shows that we have two factors.

    scree plot output spss

    How to Report Pattern Matrix Table in SPSS output?

    The table shows factor weights. The first component is nervous, ashamed, scared, upset, and irritable – all negative feelings. The second component is happy, inspired, attentive, excited, proud – all positive feelings.

    pattern matrix output spss

    How to report Component Correlation Matrix in SPSS Output?

    Table Component Correlation Matrix shows that there is no strong correlation between factors which is good for our analysis.

    Component Correlation Matrix spss output

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