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    What is MKTG 4110?

    MKTG 4110 Marketing Analytics course provides a hands-on introduction to marketing research, an organized approach to developing and providing information for marketing decision-making.

    Through a combination of lectures, exercises, and projects, the course familiarizes students with data collection techniques such as focus groups, surveys, and experiments, as well as data analyses techniques such as hypothesis testing and regression.

    Moreover, Specific applications include preference measurement, market segmentation and targeting, customer economics, product and brand policies, pricing, advertising, and digital marketing.

    What is Marketing Analytics?

    This quantitative course focuses on gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data about markets and customers. On the other hand, It is designed for managers who will be using market research.

    In addition, students will learn about the types of marketing decision problems in which research information is most useful – problems of target market selection, new product or service introduction, customer retention, and pricing, among others.

    Finally, The learning objectives for the course include defining the decision problem and determining what information is needed, acquiring trustworthy and relevant data and judging its quality, and analyzing data to make certain types of marketing decisions.

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    SPSS program has plenty of advantageous features such as.

    • Importing and entering data
    • Processing and calculation of data
    • Data analysis
    • Creating charts, tables, and reports.

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